Monday, June 29, 2009

Tutorial for shaker card! Better late than never!!

Happy Monday everyone!

First let me say sorry for the lateness of this post....I promised to get this done two weeks ago and I didn't do it...I've been playing taxi driver and house sitter then last week I had some problems with my computer and didn't get to post anything after Wednesday, so I apologize for that. I know I'm not the only one experiencing computer issues but it's so frustrating when it happens!!

Second, I would like to greet my new followers and say a huge thank you to them for joining me!! Kaymin Kantina, (some delicious food on this site, plus check out the Kaymin Kreations scrapbook albums), Phyllis Long (Midnight Madness teammate who loves to make flower cards), Dottie (who makes wonderful floral arrangements) and Sandee (Midnight Madness player with some gorgeous cards). Thank you all for becoming a follower!

Also many thanks to those of you who have left me such lovely comments...I so appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to let me know you've stopped by!

OK so here goes with my first tutorial (not sure this is going to work too well without a bunch of photos!!)

Things you will need:
cardstock for card, designer paper for background, images to color, pop dots, plastic beads for shaker inside, ribbon, gems, foam squares (small size, approx 1/4"), double sided tape and bubble (rainbow) stickers.

1. print out two copies of the fish bowl image in the size you want to make, mine was around 4.5" X 5" Trace the outside of the fishbowl shape onto a piece of acetate and cut out.
2. color in one fishbowl completely and cut it out. The second fishbowl, I just colored around the edge of the bowl and cut the colored part out....this can be a little tricky to do, and I ended up cutting the top off and fixing it back on later.
3. print out two or three little fish images, from Dustin's balloon fish approx 1.5" X 2" (size was measured from top to bottom of balloon, excluding the string)
4. color the fish and cut them out then decide where you want to place them in the fish bowl.
5. Using the pop dots to give a 3d effect, I placed my fish in position.
6. Using the foam squares, place them on top of the fully colored image around the edge of the bowl making sure you don't leave any spaces in between the squares where the beads could get stuck.
7. When all the foam squares are around the edge of the fishbowl place a few beads on top of the image then place the acetate on top. When you are comfortable that you have the right placement, remove the tape from all the squares and place the acetate in position. Now you should be able to lift the fishbowl up and shake the beads around without them falling out!!!!
8. Place the cutout fishbowl edge on top of the acetate using pop dots or double sided tape. I placed two flower gems at each side of the fishbowl edge because that's where I cut the top off. Now your shaker is ready to mount on your card!
9. After cutting and folding your card (mine was 6" square), machine stitch the outer edge of the Designer paper using zig zag stitching. Position the fish bowl in place then using double sided tape, place the dp onto the card, add the ribbon around the bottom edge, decorate with flower gems and bubble stickers (raindrops).
10. There you have it..a shaker card!!

If anyone is not able to follow these instructions, please let me know and I will be happy to clarify for you! This was actually a little harder than I thought....I think photos would have been easier to explain!!

Would love to hear what you think!!



  1. This is brilliant, love it! Well done you!


  2. OMG!! This is just the cutest EVAH!!! I really love your fun images and your tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! ;)


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