Monday, January 11, 2010


Our fire we had yesterday!
Happy Monday Folks,
Brrrrrr it's cold outside...yes even here in Miami it is freezing!!! I went to take my son to school this morning and found the windshield of my truck frozen! Fortunately my hubby had purchased an ice scraper for our trip to Georgia over Christmas so I was able to easily remove the ice. I have seen baby lizards frozen and some that have gone into hybernation on my driveway because of the drop in temperature. This weather is so unusual for us and a lot of people are having a difficult time dealing with it because it is lasting more than a few days. I'm sure for many of you out there in the colder areas are also getting tired of the cold weather and snow and I feel for you! I love and miss the snow but if you have to deal with it on a daily basis I'm sure you it gets tiring really quickly.

A thin layer of ice on my windshield!
I hope that you were able to do something fun this weekend, even if it was cold. We went to a friends house on Saturday and enjoyed a barbecue (inside because of the weather), and yesterday we went to a New Years celebration with the Dutch club. Walking around Miami Beach though was definately chilly and we saw the unusual sights (for us) of people wearing hats, scarfs, boots, and gloves!!

On a different note, I hope you all enjoyed Dustin Pike's first blog hop and will be joining in with the new challenge! You have two weeks to join in as Dustin's challenge over at Doodle Dragon Studios runs every two weeks!!! So get your Valentine's/love projects in on Mr. Linky by January 23rd for a chance to win some of Dustin's adorable images!! Whoo hoo! What are you waiting for....get creating!!!

Don't forget to join in tomorrow for Midnight Madness MMSC36....and if you stop by Priscilla's blog you can get the sneak peak and start working on it. Each week now you will get more time to work on the challenges by getting the sneak peak at the top of Priscilla's blog!!!
Have fun, stay warm and Happy crafting!
See you all tomorrow!


  1. A fireplace in Florida, didn't know it could happen, a wood burning one at that, we have a gas one at our house. I have PLENTY of ice scrappers, Pink, Blue, Red, Black. Sounds like weekend fun regardless of the weather. Hugs, Jane

  2. LOL! Sweet Charlotte!!! Remember before Christmas I told you I'd cross my fingers for you to get some cold weather and snow in Florida?! LOL ... it worked! I'm kidding! Well, I hope it warms up for all of you there so things can get back to normal! :) Stay warm and drive safe sweetie! HAPPY NEW YEAR Charlotte!
    Big Hugs to you my friend,

  3. Charlotte, isn't that wierd how in such warm places you have ice like that?! This year has been extremely cold here in TX , so much that we are getting ice too. That global warming is taking over... Hugs ~Jeni

  4. I heard on the news about your weather.. they said it has not been that cold there in 10 years. Great family picture :) Stay warm my friend.


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